Vote to select a winner for February’s “Featured Weave” contest!


Submissions for February’s Featured Weave Contest are closed and the B3 team has done the difficult job of narrowing down the submissions to our group of finalists which means it’s time for YOU to cast your vote to determine the winner. This month, folks got busy creating pieces using dragonscale.  We were totally blown away by the range of creations which highlight so many different ways to use this weave!

To share the survey, we recommend you copy the link to this blog post and use that in any emails, blog posts, or social media posts you’d like to make about it (we’ve noticed some weirdness in the past with sharing the link directly – it sometimes like to bump people out of voting that haven’t already.)

Get a sneak peak at the all of our finalists below:



For March, we’re featuring full persianThis weave was requested by our community on Facebook and we can’t wait to see what you create with it!  The weave works in a number of sizes from very small (base metal size D22) to quite large (base metal size T16) and offers neat tapering options.

Want to see which B3 sizes work well for this weave?  Visit our base metal stats & uses page and our sterling silver stats & uses page, or check out these weave ideas posts right here on our blog.

Never tried this weave but feeling up for the challenge? You can purchase Blue Buddha instructions for Full Persian 6-in-1 here on our sale page. (Scroll all the way down almost to the end of the page to find them.)



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