B3 Seconds: Purchase Lower Cost Anodized Aluminum Rings

UPDATE: Fades are now B3 Seconds!

Today we launched a new section of jump rings on our website called “B3 Seconds.” We’ve made these less-than-perfect grade B and C anodized aluminum rings available to provide a more cost-effective option for customers who may need a lot of colored rings and are willing to do a little picking and sorting themselves. It’s likely we won’t have a full stock of every color in every size, but we currently have several colors and sizes available and will continue to add  more as they become available.

When you visit the B3 Seconds page, you’ll notice we offer two different grades of these rings. These grades are assigned based on overall color variation within each batch. Grade B rings have less variation than Grade C. Both grades may contain a small amount of uncolored or “white” rings. Grade C may contain more of these rings than Grade B.

Check out a side-by-side example of these grades:


From left to right: Premium Anodized Aluminum in orange, Grade B AA in orange, Grade C AA in orange.

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