A New Face at Blue Buddha: Welcome, Britt!


Welcome to B3, Britt!

Please join us in welcoming our new Marketing Director, Britt Johnson! She’s just what the doctor ordered – a creative soul with strategy running through her veins. Britt oversees all of Blue Buddha’s marketing efforts, analyzing data and market trends to determine how to best meet our amazing customers’ needs. She is determined to help us prove to the world that anyone can make or enjoy chainmaille.

A Chicago native, Britt graduated from North Central College in Naperville, Ill., and after working the non-profit sector, she found her way to Blue Buddha. Now that she’s been with us for a few weeks, let’s get to know her a little better, shall we?

B3: So, Britt, what made you want to work at B3?
: I was referred to B3 by a friend who thought I would fit perfectly in the professional and creative culture. When Rebeca told me more about the opportunity to help with marketing strategy I was very excited. I love statistics and logistics planning. After I got to meet the staff I knew I wanted to be a part of the B3 team. Everyone was so friendly and awesome – I couldn’t help but get excited.

B3: Who is you favorite artist or maker?
BJ: My favorite artists are probably my parents. My mom is a talented cosmetologist and artist who taught me everything I know about crafting. My dad is a folk musician who inspired my love of music and encouraged me to pursue it.

B3: Favorite work of art?
BJ: Klimt’s 1908 masterpiece “The Kiss” is probably my favorite. I think Klimt’s Golden Phase really created a shift in paradigm for other classically trained artists.

B3: Favorite craft project you’ve made?
BJ: My favorite craft project ever was a brooch bouquet my mother and I made. It had antique jewelry, crystals and hand-crafted flowers. We spent hours in my living room string, pinning, molding; it was the most fun we’d ever had working on a project together.

Britt and her rabbit, Onyx.

Britt and her rabbit, Onyx.

B3: Do you have any pets?
BJ: Two! I have a rabbit named Onyx, and a koi named Zoidberg.


She has a craft room. Yes, she is one of us!

B3: Favorite band, book, or other inspiration?
BJ: My favorite books are “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien and “El Alquimista” by Paulo Coehlo. Those books definitely shaped me in my youth, and I revisit them often. My greatest inspiration is Jim Henson. His life’s greatest ambition was to make the world a better place by having existed in it. Now it’s my turn to ensure the world is a better place for the children from which I’m borrowing it.

“A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.” Truer words never spoken than those of that great American patriot, Jebediah Springfield. Before you ask, the answer is “yes.” I checked, and embiggens in a perfectly cromulent word.



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