Having PDF Or Order Issues?

Please open your PDFs and your physical orders right away and let us know if there are any issues

We are aware that something is fishy with our PDF delivery system as of a few months ago, and we haven’t been able to figure out the source of the problem to fix it.

Please attempt to open your PDFs immediately and if you cannot open them, email [email protected]. Be sure to include your order number! Without your order number, we may not be able to identify your order and that will cause significant delays.

We will manually send your PDFs to you as soon as we can. It could be a few days, so please be patient. (Also, if you wouldn’t mind leaving us a comment on our post on Facebook about this issue, that would be helpful to see if there’s anything we *can* do to fix the problem.

Again – we ask that you open your PDFs now, and you open your orders as soon as you receive them to identify any issues. If you wait 2 months to let us know that you were missing a ring pack, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to help you – we will be shut down and unable to

We are winding down our operations by April 22.  By the end of the month, I’m moving across the country and I plan on taking the month of May to settle in and have a bit of a break. So if you don’t reach me before I leave, it could be a bit of a wait. I will still get back to everyone who has issues with their orders (PDFs or not), especially because I know that some orders, especially to overseas customers, take a while to reach their destination.  I ask that you are patient and understand that it might be a bit before I get back to you. I do want to help solve any issues…it’s just been an intense last two months and I need some R&R. :-) I thank you for your patience.

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