Oversold! Oh no!

Expect Refunds For Many Recent Orders Due to Glitch

We’re not quite sure what happened in our system, but we oversold on many, many items during our final clearance sale. :-(  (Like, 50 jars of tool magic for example… Oy)

We’ve been shipping out 100+ orders every day for the past couple weeks, and today we only shipped out 15 because of all the oversold items. We decided to keep Aimee, our customer care gal, on for a few extra days to handle all the refunds we need to issue.

We’re so sorry to disappoint you. Trust us, we aren’t happy either to have to spend days issuing refunds when we’re trying to clean up and vacate our space. We will through all the refunds, it might just take a bit of time. Sorry for the delay and confusion.

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