Viperscale 2.0 Kits Coming Soon

Early Bird Bundles Available for Pre-Ordering Now

By early October, you’ll be able to purchase Viperscale 2.0 kits in the B3 Etsy shop, woo-hoo! As usual, I’m offering special Early Bird Bundles. However, I’m doing it a bit differently, as the Bundles always sell out so quickly, leaving many customers disappointed. (It seems I consistently underestimate the number of folks who want to purchase multiple kits at once! Y’all are close to my heart!)
Here’s how it works:
From now through Labor Day (September 7) you can pre-order your early-bird bundle via Etsy. Because the bundles are pre-order, they won’t sell out!
As a special bonus, you can also customize the accent color in any or all of your kits. (The customization option will not be available when the regular kits are released). Choose from more than 30 color options!
After you pre-order, hang tight for a few weeks and then enjoy the colorful bounty when your package arrives!
Please note that if you’re just looking for 1 or 2 kits, the à la carte version of Viperscale 2.0 will be released near the beginning of October. Not all colorways will be released at once, so if you’re really excited about one colorway in particular, feel free to drop me a note at [email protected] and I’ll aim to release the most popular kits first.

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