Virtual Class: Color In Chainmaille

Join Me For This Special Seminar As Part of The Chain Link Up Convention

 UPDATE April 2021: This course has been recorded and is available to purchase as a webinar

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be teaching a virtual seminar at the Chain Link Up Conference in 2021.

I’d hoped to attend in person, but alas, this pesky pandemic. Note: The in-person conference is still on for those who wish to attend.

Confession: I’m still working on figuring out the best way to translate my very hands-on teaching style to virtual, but in the meantime, I thought this would be a great opportunity to offer a seminar that has been requested a few times from folks who tell me, “Oh, I wish I had your sense of color! Read the full description below and register by Saturday January 2, 2021 6 pm ET if you are interested!


color-in-chainmaille-headerCOLOR IN CHAINMAILLE (VIRTUAL)
Date: Saturday Feb 27th from 5-6pm EST
A single chainmaille design can convey different emotions depending on the colors used; the perfect color combination can make even a simple design breathtakingly beautiful. This seminar begins with a brief overview of the different types of colorful metals and materials used in chainmaille. From there, we’ll focus on anodized aluminum palettes and you’ll learn Rebeca’s process for creating vivid color combinations and ombres.

Attendees will receive a PDF containing resources, images and color palettes to inspire, along with “coloring” pages for a few basic designs if you’d like to use color pencils to get a sense of how changing the position of colors in a weave affects the overall look. Feel free to bring your own chainmaille pieces if you have questions about incorporating color or would like feedback.



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