Author: Rebeca

Final photo shoot!

Jenna & I just finished (what we hope is) the final photo shoot for my book. Yes! Here we are finishing up the penultimate step of the final project. Notice the grey card that had to be in all the photos. We started referring to him as “Waldo” after the first couple shoots. We have… Read more »

Beaded Celtic Dawn bracelet

A good friend recently lamented the sad state of my online gallery.  Since the supplies part of the business took off, and especially since I started writing my book, I haven’t had time to cultivate the gallery like I used to.  This year I am devoting more attention to my line of finished jewelry (and… Read more »

Lady Gaga in Maille

I love seeing chainmaille in the media, and was pretty tickled to find these photos of Lady Gaga wearing maille. The pieces are by the very talented Fannie Schiavoni and they appeared in the UK’s Q Magazine.