Category: Closing Updates

Quite a different view than I've been used to for the past 40 years of my life. And I love it!

Relocated & Taking A Bit of A Break

Share this:On Hiatus, But Not Gone! The dust has settled at Blue Buddha. All orders have long shipped. Our final liquidation and clearance sales are over… and the studio is empty. I’m still checking customer care emails about once every day or so, because I know there are still some lingering questions about orders (and… Read more »

Oversold! Oh no!

Share this:Expect Refunds For Many Recent Orders Due to Glitch We’re not quite sure what happened in our system, but we oversold on many, many items during our final clearance sale.   (Like, 50 jars of tool magic for example… Oy) We’ve been shipping out 100+ orders every day for the past couple weeks, and… Read more »