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Meet the B3 Artisan Market Artists, Vol. 2

Share this:This is the second post in our blog series introducing you to the talented folks behind the fabulous, locally made, hand crafted items that fill the Blue Buddha Artisan Market. Also, head on over to our B3 Chicago Retail Store Facebook page and Like it to be notified about new items in the Artisan Market,… Read more »

A Dinner of Titanic Proportions

Share this:The team of people that makes Blue Buddha work is a multi-talented one (for proof – check out our B3 Talent Show from last year’s employee retreat!)  While our web guy Matt is best known around here for making our website work (a very important role for an online business!) and even more well… Read more »

Art Roundup!

Share this:Being in a creative environment has a number of perks, not the least of which is the fact that we run into really cool artists on a daily basis.  We exchange images, websites, and stories about artists we’ve encountered in the studio frequently, and I thought it was about time we shared some of… Read more »