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“Monsters & Money in the Morning”

Share this:This morning I appeared on CBS’ Monsters & Money in the Morning as an example of a small business thriving in these economic times. The producer saw the article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune and wanted to find out more. Here’s a few screenshots: Me, wearing the Dodecahedron Choker. Mike North contemplating my sculpture titled,… Read more »

Blue Buddha featured in the Chicago Tribune

Share this:I’m excited that Blue Buddha Boutique is featured in the Minding Your Business column by Ann Meyer in the Chicago Tribune. I appreciate being recognized for my artistic talents, but it is also immensely satisfying to be acknowledged in the business community. You know, bridging that whole right-brain/left-brain thing and all. See the full… Read more »

We’re on!

Share this:Blue Buddha Boutique is included in a feature on! Check out 11 Cool Workplace Perks and click on the drink icon. Though somehow they think we do Happy Hour every day, and really it’s every Friday. *grin* I’ll email them about that… The chocolate part, however is completely true! This is quite an… Read more »

Join me at CraftyCon 2010!

Share this:I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a panelist for the Time Management session of CraftyCon 2010 this October.  The conference was created for crafters, by crafters.  The organizers were looking  to provide an opportunity for craft professionals (current and aspiring) to network with each other, get superb business training, and have an opportunity… Read more »