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Chainmaille Tips and Tricks Videos: Ask Rebeca & How to Fasten a Toggle

Rebeca gets asked a lot of questions about chainmaille. A LOT. And for good reason. She’s a pro! These questions come in through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via email ([email protected]). Do you have a burning question about weaving? Inspiration and design? Tricky weaves? Using tools or different kinds of rings? Her favorite food? Rebeca is ready… Read more »

Ask an Artist: How do you create a successful collaboration?

Collaboration is a hot topic these days!  Just look at the success of such collaborative models as crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, curated content sites like Pinterest and countless indie craft shows where folks pool their resources and their audience base in order to grow their following.  There is no shortage of opportunities to… Read more »

Ask an Artist: Making chainmaille clothing

Customers frequently ask us how to make chainmaille clothing.  While maille clothing may not be our main focus here at Blue Buddha, many of our project designers do create chainmaille clothing pieces as part of their own lines and artistic visions.  To address this question, we turned to two of them: Omni Mee and Kat… Read more »

Ask an Artist: Starting a Jewelry Brand

At the end of last year, Blue Buddha’s founder Rebeca Mojica made the leap to launch her own brand, focusing on her finished chainmaille jewelry.  In this post, she talks about why she decided to do this and offers tips for getting the most bang out of your branding, even if you’re on a shoestring… Read more »