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Free & Easy Projects: Spike Earrings!

Often, chainmaille projects consist of hundreds or thousands of jump rings linked through/over/between/under each other, creating gorgeous, intricate weaves. This is not one of those projects. And we LOVE it! Pick up those pliers and make our newest free & easy project: Spike Earrings. Designed by B3 team member Darlene Ostrowski of Do Bats Eat Cats?… Read more »

The Spring Cleaning Continues! Get These Kits Before They’re Discontinued

We’re lucky to have such a creative team who consistently comes up with new, amazing designs. Heck, in the last few weeks alone we launched Barrel Ride Necklace, Wobble Necklace, Rubber Interwoven Bracelet, three additional new Spring Seasonal kits and our latest Exclusive Collection kit, Niobium Sleek Cuff). Phew! Can we take a nap now?… Read more »