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Chainmaille for Good

B3 has always had the desire to give back and raise awareness through our art-making.  For the past several years we have sold countless awareness bracelets supporting organizations that raise awareness about Pulmonary Fibrosis and Chronic Babe, an organization that supports young women with chronic health issues.  We have also been selling this beautiful dreamcatcher… Read more »

Through chainmaille, I have found my patience.

Clothes are a representation of our culture:  an expression of an industrialized society where repetition is used in the service of the assembly line.  In my pieces, the intensive handwork makes the process the most important part and gives me my inspiration.  Chainmaille has been the catalyst to every other medium I excel in.  All… Read more »

Words To Weave By

Rebeca, myself, and everyone at B3 are working hard in preparation for the release of her first book, Chained (and all the goodies that go along with it!)  I had the great pleasure to be the photographer for the book and as such, had a great view of the countless tips and tricks Rebeca has… Read more »

Book cover of Chained!

It’s possible that I’m a little obsessive in checking Amazon rankings for my book, especially considering it hasn’t even been released yet. *cough, cough* Today when I popped over there, I noticed that the cover image is now visible. Woo! We will begin accepting pre-orders for Chained on our website sometime in September or October…. Read more »