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A few months ago, we were contacted by the awesome folks at M.A.I.L. – Maille Artisans International League with the very cool news that they had added a new feature for users that want to use B3 rings to make any of the thousands of weaves they have on their site. Users can go in and change their preferences so that when they hover over AR information for the weaves in their library, they will see ring sizes displayed in Blue Buddha language (Letter + Number, i.e. H18).  Here’s how you do it!

First of all, if you’re not familiar with MailleArtisans.org, you should be.  This site is one of the greatest resources for maillers on the web, we use it all the time.  For this feature to work, you must create an account.  It just takes a minute and will give you all access to everything great on this site.

Once you have you account created, Login.  After logging in, click on “My M.A.I.L” under “User Panel” in the main menu.



Once on that page, you should see your user information in the main column of the page and a menu on the left-hand side of the page.  You can scroll down to your user preferences or simply click on “Prefences” in that menu to jump down the page to them.




Under your user preferences, you should see a box labeled “Ring Size Preferences” containing 3 drop down menus.  Click on the second drop down menu labeled “Ring ID Measurements” and select “Blue Buddha Axx”.  Click submit to save your changes.

Once the page reloads, try it out by scrolling back up to the top of the page and selecting “Weaves” under the main menu item “Library”.  When you go to a weaves main page, you’ll see AR information below the picture of the weave.  If you hover your mouse over the number labeled “Ideal AR” (AKA – place your cursor on the number but do not click) you should see a little box pop up with a list of sizes in Blue Buddha terms. For example, let’s look at the page for Box Weave.  When I hover over the number, I am shown the following:

No tricky translating needed!  See a weave in the library and get the ring information for your B3 shopping list right there!  Cool, right?

That said, this feature is purely math/number based meaning it does not account for springback and other real world variants. We’re still discovering the best way to compensate for this, however our advice as of right now is to go up a size or two from the recommended ring size on M.A.I.L. It’s not fool proof right now but it does at least give you a starting point for your project which as many of you know, is half the battle!

If you try out this feature, let us know how it works for you by leaving your comments here or on our page on Facebook.

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