What are the differences between each model?

We sell different types of pliers for making maille and like them all for different reasons.  On our tools page, you will notice that we provide information about which tools work best for different purposes.

Euro Tool ErgosEuro Tool Ergonomic Pliers, flat-nose  ($)

These EuroTool pliers are our all-around favorite pliers.  The handles are longer than normal, but closer together. This means less carpel tunnel stress and more comfortable grip with less fatigue and better control. Recommended as "all-around" starter pliers. Particularly good when working with 20ga - 16ga base metals, 20ga steel, and 20ga - 15ga silver.


Euro Tool Ultra ErgosEuro Tool Ultra Ergo Pliers, flat nose ($$)

This line from EuroTool features a truly ergonomic plier with handles that are slightly larger and straighter than most. These are suitable for a variety of gauges, from about 20ga to 16ga basemetal (20ga to 14ga sterling)—they're very good with 18g stainless steel.  Increased handle width provides greater surface contact which means less fatique.


Bead Smith Flat NoseBeadsmith Flat Nose Pliers ($)

These economical pliers are especially comfortable for folks with tiny hands. The ergonomic handles distribute pressure well; your thumb and index finger can rest nicely in the curves at the top of the handles.



Wubbers Medium Flat NoseWubbers Medium Flat Nose Pliers  ($$$)

These are our favorite jaw-width for all-purpose chainmailling—not too small, not too large. Super comfortable pliers with padded handles and a very responsive spring. These pliers are recommended for heavy wire gauges (such as 18ga-12ga). They are Rebeca's favorite for working with 18ga stainless steel.


LindstromLindstrom Rx Pliers, flat-nose  ($$$$)

Without a doubt, the most comfortable pliers we've used. Ergonomic handles mean that your palms aren't subjected to excessive pressure. The spring is adjustable; on the easiest setting a light squeeze is all it takes to work the pliers. These pliers are essential if you're going to be working with small rings.  As soon as you use them, you'll understand the price tag, and know that they're worth every penny. Perfect for micromaille (size AAA24) and 22ga-20ga.  These pliers also work well for many 18ga and 16ga rings (the jaws aren't very wide, so we don't recommend using these for rings with large inner diameters, such as P16.


Duck BillsDuck Bill Pliers  ($$)

These pliers were custom made specifically for Blue Buddha and Spiderchain Jewelry. They are perfect for working with large rings, and are Rebeca's favorite for 12ga anodized aluminum and 10ga sterling. She sometimes even uses them to work with large 16ga stainless rings, as the pliers have really great leverage.