What is Tool Magic and how do I use it?

Tool MagicTool Magic is a product used to coat the metal tips of your pliers.  We highly recommend dipping your pliers in Tool Magic!  Not only does it help you grip the rings but it protects your rings from scratches caused by your pliers (and for that matter it helps protect your hands from potentially painful grip-slipping injuries.) 

We prefer dipping the pliers twice, as two thin coats seem to last longer than one thick one. After your first dipping, let the pliers dry for a couple of hours by resting them on a flat surface—jaws suspended over the edge. Then dip again. Let dry overnight, or for a minimum of 6 hours, for best results. When the coating gets grubby, or if you decide you don't like the coating for the rings you're using, simply pull it off.

If your Tool Magic is thick, instead of dipping the pliers, we recommend using a shiskabob skewer (or similar utensil) to spread on a thin coat, making sure to cover the edges well. After letting it dry for a few hours, apply a second thin coat.

Check out the video below to see how to use Tool Magic in 3 easy steps:

Here are some extra helpful tips:

  • Before dipping our pliers we always stir the Tool Magic, with a plastic utensil or chop stick that can be reserved just for this purpose.
  • Dip the tips of the pliers in a fast motion. If you hold the pliers in the Tool Magic too long the coating will come out to thick.
  • Let the pliers dry for at least one hour with the first coating.  Then when you do the second coat you can let it dry for several hours or over night.  The longer you let the second coat dry the better and longer it will adhere to the pliers.
  • Make sure you only squeeze down on the pliers with enough force to open and close the rings.  Applying to much pressure can cause the Tool Magic to wear off faster or mar the rings.