Intermediate Level

Half Persian 3-1

If you were to cut Full Persian 6-in-1 in half lengthwise, the result would be Half Persian 3-in-1.  This round-on-one-side, flat-on-the-other-side weave works with many ring sizes to create completely different looks.  It is also an excellent weave to learn to work in as edging for other flat weaves.

 We suggest learning Half Persian 3-in-1 in two colors.

Once you've conquered this weave, you can put HP3-1 to good use in several other B3 projects including Cylon, Glass Caterpillar, Illuminated Tunnel & Zeela Bracelet.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in at least 3 chainmaille weaves.


Half Persian 3-in-1 Half Persian Rubber Half Persian Niobium


(Click for larger view.)

VIDEO TIP: Watch the video below to learn how to close a rubber half persian 3-in-1 in on itself seamlessly. Plus, make sure to visit the Blue Buddha Boutique YouTube channel for more chainmaille tips and techniques!


RIGHT-handed Instructions

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LEFT-handed Instructions

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