Chainmaille Weave Ideas: B20 – 20ga 3/32″ (2.4 mm)

Wondering what chainmaille project to tackle with those size B20 – 20ga 3/32″ (2.4 mm) rings? Check out the post below for weave ideas as well as where to get instructions for each one.

Weave Ideas: size B20

Wire Gauge = 20ga AWG (0.032″ / 0.8 mm )
Inner Diameter = 3/32″ (2.4 mm)

Hint: Use our Ring Picker tool to quickly see every metal and color we have available and in stock for this size!


These samples use our niobium jump rings.


Aspect Ratio is approximately 3.0


“rpi” = rings per inch.
Use this number to help you figure out how many rings you’ll need for your project. Simply multiply it by the desired length (in inches) for your final piece.

Cylon (B20+F19 SILV +J19 SILV)

B20 –  rpi

F19 – 32 rpi

J19 – rpi

Cylon PDF + Hardcopy Instructions

Japanese Lace (B20+G19 SILV)

3 row

B20 – 60 rpi

G19 – 25 rpi

2 row

B20 – 33 rpi

G19 – 16 rpi

Japanese Lace PDF + Hardcopy Instructions


Jens Pind 3

23 rpi


Mini Sleek Cuff (B20+H20 COPP)

B20 – 37 rpi

H20 – 25 rpi

Sleek Cuff PDF + Hardcopy Instructions

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Jo Horton
9 years 11 months ago

Love the look of the Cylon and the Lace weaves! My husband can always tell when I’m working with smaller rings, he hears alot more ‘inappropriate language’ coming from the craft room, lol. But they’re just so dang cute!