Chainmaille Weave Ideas: T14 – 14 SWG (2.0 mm) 3/8″ (9.5 mm)

If you’re wondering what chainmaille projects to tackle with those size T14 – 14ga 3/8″ (9.5 mm) rings, check out the post below for weave ideas as well as where to get instructions for each one.

Weaves Idea: T14 – 14 SWG 3/8″ (9.5mm)

Wire Gauge = 14ga SWG (0.08″ / 2.0 mm)
Inner Diameter = 3/8″ (9.5 mm)

Hint: Use our Ring Picker tool to quickly see every metal and color we have available and in stock for this size!

Ring counts below show rings per inch (rpi) as well as how many rings for 7.5″ of material (a bracelet, not including clasp) and for an 18″ necklace.

Wiggle Weave (Möbiused 2-in-2)
T14 = 6 rpi (45 bracelet, 108 necklace)

mobiused 2-in-2 chain black and red

Oval Weave (Persian Dragonscale)
T14 = 18 rpi (135 bracelet, 324 necklace)

Oval persian dragonscale

Möbiused Rosettes
T14 = 14 rpi (105 bracelet, 252 necklace)

mobiused rosettes in purple and turquoise

European 4-in-1 (Mesh)
T14 = 8 rpi (60 bracelet, 144 necklace) for a 3-row strip
approx 9 rings per square inch (if doing a wider piece)

black mesh chainmail

Japanese 12-in-2 (Lace)
T14 = 14 rpi (105 bracelet, 252 necklace)
I16 = 27 rpi (203 bracelet, 486 necklace *
* note that this necklace does not curve well so you may wish to create a choker instead)

black and red japanese lace

Half Persian 4-in-1
T14 = 7 rpi (53 bracelet, 126 necklace)

blue and turquoise flat persian

Half Persian 3-in-1
T14 = 6 rpi (45 bracelet, 108 necklace)

aluminum and red anodized aluminum half persian

European 6-in-1 (link coming soon)
T14 = 14 rpi (105 bracelet, 252 necklace) for 3 rows

multi-colored european 6-in-1

Double Spiral (Rope)
T14 = 12 rpi (90 bracelet, 216 necklace)

gold anodized aluminum rope weave

Dodecahedron (Japanese Ball)
T14 = 96 rings total

chainmail dodec in brown and turquoise

Captive Inverted Round
T14 = 11 rpi (198 necklace; too stiff for a bracelet)

turquoise captive inverted round with alternating purple jump rings

Box weave (Queen’s Maille)
T14 = 12 rpi (90 bracelet, 216 necklace)

gold box chainmail queen's maille

3-3-3 Chain
T14 = 9 rpi (68 bracelet, 162 necklace)

multi-colored 3-in-3 chain


Additional Blue Buddha projects which use T14 rings:

Rubber Half Persian 4-in-1

Rubber Interwoven 4-in-1

Rock On! Heart

pink to black chainmaille heart


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