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Introductory Level

Wiggle (Mobius)

by Rebeca Mojica

Wiggle is a great place for first-time maillers to begin. You can practice keeping your pliers in your hands as you weave, and get comfortable closing rings. Plus, once you've learned the skill of "mobiusing" jump rings, you'll be able to incorporate it into many other weaves.

This weave works in many ring sizes (check out the Weave Ideas section of our blog for ideas) but we find the sizes listed below the best place for novice maillers to begin.  Note that some folks may find the jewelry brass rings a big harder to work with than the aluminum or copper, but all metals are appropriate for beginners.

Example to the right uses copper (top) and aluminum (bottom).

Instructions - Either Hand


Project Supplies - Kits

Project kits contain all the jump rings, findings, and other necessary components to complete the project according to our project instructions. Many project kits can be customized with your favorite colors making them truly unique! Instructions are always sold separately.

Wiggle Bracelet - Aluminum - $ 12.00

Wiggle Bracelet - Copper - $ 14.00

Wiggle Bracelet - Jewelry Brass - $ 14.00