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Ask an Artist: Spider talks about finding a work/life balance, her obsession with Japanese 12-in-2, and a book in the works!

Share this:Chainmaille artist, supplier, and full-time mom, Spider is one of those “do-it-all” kind of women.  Not only that, but she does it with such grace, she makes it look easy.  We are so proud to have her as our contributor this month not only because she is a super-inspired artist but because she is… Read more »

Ask an Artist: Charlene Anderson talks about finding inspiration, translating it into a piece, and sharing it with the world.

Share this:Charlene Anderson is an incredible prolific and generous artist. As the 2010 Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry Magazine Artist of the Year, she had a project published in every issue and continues to develop designs for the purpose of sharing them and inspiring chainmaillers, novices and experts alike. We took this interview as an opportunity to… Read more »