Beaded Celtic Dawn bracelet

A good friend recently lamented the sad state of my online gallery.  Since the supplies part of the business took off, and especially since I started writing my book, I haven’t had time to cultivate the gallery like I used to.  This year I am devoting more attention to my line of finished jewelry (and cannot wait for my website redesign, which will make online ordering so much easier!) It is my personal goal to update the gallery at least once a month this year, and hopefully twice a month beginning in September.  Unfortunately, February flew by without an update.  But, um, today could technically be February 31, right?  :-)

Here is a bracelet I created last summer.  The weave is Celtic Dawn, with an edging of 4 mm crystals.  I’m considering developing a tutorial for it–but that’s a long time away.  After my manuscript is finished I think I need a breather from tutorials for a few months!

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14 years 3 months ago

And I really enjoyed working with the aluminum rings you sent in my last order. Thanks!