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Silver Jewelry Sample Sale!

Share this:Dozens Of Handmade Jewelry Items Now In The B3 Etsy Shop We made so many samples back in Chicago, I still have a ton of items left, so it’s time for a new sample sale! 😀 These are all precious metal pieces (plus a few bronze ones) offered at suuuper low prices. Most pieces… Read more »

Maillers’ Choice Colorways for March – Help Us Choose!

Share this:We’ve picked out some bright, shiny colorways… Now, we need your help to select the colorway for our March kit. The mini triple dodecahedron necklace packs a whole lot of fun into a small package. Even better?  Our bright aluminum rings will really  make the colorful AA accents just pop! The finished piece will have three mini dodecahedron… Read more »

Chainmaille Joins the Craftivism Movement!

Share this:A little chainmaille birdie — who wishes to remain anonymous (and no, it’s not a B3 team member!) — stopped by our retail store the other day and let us know a little secret: S/he is the person behind the Link Chicago Project. *dramatic gasp* This person has been making small chainmaille jewelry items and leaving… Read more »