Chainmaille Joins the Craftivism Movement!

A little chainmaille birdie — who wishes to remain anonymous (and no, it’s not a B3 team member!) — stopped by our retail store the other day and let us know a little secret:

S/he is the person behind the Link Chicago Project. *dramatic gasp*


This person has been making small chainmaille jewelry items and leaving them in public spaces around Chicago, and tweets about his/her adventures at In just three months, s/he had put out more than 50 pieces of handmade jewelry all around the city!

Their Twitter profile explains that this is an “experiment in day-brightening craftivism. Handmade jewelry for you, for free, around Chicago.”

craftivism knittingCraftivism seems to be taking hold. Cities around the country are seeing examples of it, like this collection of knitted scarves tied to trees, free for anyone who is out in the cold, or this example by students at Syracuse University.

Have you seen any examples of craftivism in your town? What do you think about experiments like this? Would you do one yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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9 years 3 months ago

Thanks for the nice write-up, @BlueBuddhaBtq!