Artist Market Monday: Nailmaille


If you’ve been paying attention to the chainmaille world for a while, then you’re certainly familiar with Nailmaille, high quality chainmaille pieces created with bent surgical-grade stainless steel nails and neoprene o-rings by artist Mike Wille alongside his colleagues Michael Munke and Jessica Knutson.  These unique pieces are handcrafted in every sense: even the tools to bend the nails are handmade!  These pieces are perfect to express your inner badass with style.

 About their work:

“Nailmaille® jewelry is the evolution of traditional chainmaille to maille made out of stainless steel or copper nails. Each nail is individually bent, then woven together with other bent nails and/or neoprene rings to create our unique pieces.

The quality of Nailmaille® pieces is unmatched. These are not just nails from the hardware store. They are surgical grade stainless (316L), painstakenly polished and bent individually with special attention to the uniformity of each bend.  

All of our work is handmade including the tools that we’ve repurposed to assist our artists in creating original art jewelry.”


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