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young boy holding up wrist with black chainmaille cuff

In Case You Want To Give Up On Your Chainmaille Project, This Kid Might Inspire You To Keep Going

Share this:8-Year-Old Conquers Dragonscale I’d like you to meet a student of mine, “T” (name obscured for privacy). T was 7 years old when I first got a message from his mom. He’d recently discovered chainmaille at a Renaissance Faire, and his mom shared a photo of the European 4-in-1 he’d made at the faire…. Read more »

gold scalemaille vest by Eric Matwe (lorenzo)

Meet The Person Behind The Company That Has Created Chainmaille For Mars And Middle Earth

Share this:Eric Matwe’s MailleTec Industries Is The Premier Manufacturer Of Welded Metal Mesh In this edition of Blue Buddha’s Meet the Artist series, we’re heading up to Canada to get to know Eric Matwe of Swift Current, Saskatchewan. If you’re newer to the world of maille, you might not recognize Eric’s name, or even his… Read more »

Sara Sherlock Basin chainmaille artisan headshot

Meet the Artist Behind Several Of The Most Beloved Modern Chainmaille Weaves

Share this:Sara Sherlock Bastin, Chainmaille Weave Inventor Extraordinaire, Has Been Making Maille For 30+ Years In this edition of Blue Buddha’s Meet the Artist series, we’re reaching out to the other side of the pond to chat with Sara Sherlock Bastin of Somerset, UK. If you’re a mailler and Sara’s name isn’t familiar, you almost… Read more »

square - sm

This Jewelry Artist Gives New Life To Discarded Objects & Adds Her Own Twist To The Historic Art of Chainmaille

Share this:Disclosure: Some of the links to products below are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. It helps me create content like this for you, and I thank you for your support.   Meet Steampunk Garage’s Jenifer Lauren Martinez, Whose… Read more »

Fashion designer Sally wearing scalemaille corset

This NYC Fashion Designer Creates Exclusive Metal Couture For the Modern Warrior

Share this:Meet Sally, The Artist Behind The Scalemaille Work of It Is Known Medieval armor meets high fashion in the meticulous work of It Is Known. They specialize in wearable art made of “scalemaille”—small, leaf-shaped metal components individually linked by hand in their atelier in New York. I’ve been fascinated by their creations and stunning… Read more »