Continuing to Slay Orders One Ring Pack at a Time

We’re working as fast as we can … still

Orders have continued to pour in since we announced our closing, and we’re continuing to make our way through our massive order queue. Our order turn-around times have increased to about 2 weeks (!) which we know is much higher than our normal 1-2 day turnaround. We are working as fast as our human hands allow. This is what we packed this morning to ship out (yes, it goes all the way to the back table and even beyond the photo), and we’ve got another couple of tables full like this for the afternoon run of orders:


Essentially, we did about 50 days worth of business in 5 days. This means it’s taking us an average of 10 times longer to fill orders. (Toss in end-of-year inventory counting and various employee illnesses, for an added challenge!) That’s why some of you haven’t received your order yet, or even a shipping confirmation of shipping. Trust us, we’re working very hard to fill all the orders, and will continue busting our butts until we’ve filled every order we can and sent out all the back-orders. (Now you know why we gave so much notice of our closing. We thought something like this might happen and we wanted to make sure we allowed ourselves enough time to fill your orders before we actually closed our doors. Making sure our customers are happy still is our #1 priority.)

We’re making progress, slowly but surely. (Emphasis on slowly for now? ? ) We’re also encountering many out-of-stocks as we go, so some of you will have backorders, which we’ll ship once we replenish our inventory!

If you’re placing an order now and what you want is out of stock, be sure to sign up for a back-in-stock notification, as we’re planning our final production runs and will base those on what people have most-often requested!

Thanks again for your patience!

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8 years 1 month ago

So sad to see you go … I just found you! Been missing out for years – but … thank you for the amazing tutorials … and like everyone else … whatever rings I can get my paws on. Can’t wait for pirouette!

8 years 1 month ago

Thank you! You guys are awesome and I hope that the sheer volume of orders show how much you mean to so many of us! Just wanted to say that I spent several hours trying to understand a tutorial purchased elsewhere (only because you didn’t offer one) and your tutorials are worth their weight in gold–so I bought more (didn’t feel guilty about it either since that didn’t add to your packing).