Colorful European 4-in-1 Rubbermaille Bracelet

Follow This Chart To Size Your Bracelet

Welcome to the final post in the 3-part Rubber Rainbow series. Do check out the previous posts on Rubber Barrel weave and Half Persian 3-in-1. Using the same size rings, you can also create European 4-in-1. See below for sizing and color tips for Euro 4-in-1 bracelets.

If you’d like to make your own rubbermaille piece, check out the rubber rainbow kits and the European 4-in-1 (Mesh) tutorial in the B3 Etsy shop. Each rainbow pack is enough for 2-3 bracelets, depending upon size and weave.


European 4-in-1 Measurements

In the images and chart below, 1 unit of Euro 4-1 consists of 1 metal ring + 2 rubber rings of the same color.

Ring size is L16 – 16 SWG (1.6 mm) 1/4″ (6.4 mm) AR approx 4.2

For a very small bracelet, you’ll need 24 units. One option is to use 8 colors and repeat each color 3 times:

For a medium size bracelet, you’ll need 30 units. One option is to use 5 colors, and repeat each color 6 times. (See color tip below the image)

Color Tip

The medium bracelet above uses 5 colors, and honestly, it isn’t very rainbow-y. I feel as though a minimum of 6 colors are needed in order to achieve the best rainbow look. If just using 6 colors, I recommend yellow/chartruese, orange, pink (or red), purple, turquoise (or blue) and green.

If you’re not looking to create a rainbow and instead want to cycle through a series of colors, you can still use the chart for color planning purposes. If you have 3 colors, and would like to create a medium size bracelet, your top choices are 27 or 30 units. Let’s say you choose 30 units. Divide the total number of units by 3 in order to determine how many “reps” of each color you need. In this example: 30 ÷ 3 = 10 reps. This means you’ll need 10×1 metal rings + 10×2 rubber rings in each color. In other words, 10 metal rings and 20 rubber rings in each of 3 colors, for a grand total of 30 metal rings and 60 rubber rings.


Below is a complete chart for bracelets from a very small size (5″) all the way up to a very large size (10.5″).

Remember that rubber stretches. If you’re trying to fit a 7.5″ wrist, you can opt for 30 units for a snug fit, or 32—or more!—units for a looser fit.

If you’d like to create an “in between” size not detailed on the chart below, refer to the Rainbow Barrel blog post Sizing Tip, as it also applies to European 4-in-1.

The Rubber Rainbow kits in the B3 Etsy shop have 8 colors of coordinating rubber and anodized aluminum jump rings, allowing you to create any of the rainbow patterns outlined in the chart above.

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Questions? Leave a comment below to get a response from yours truly. 😊
Happy weaving!





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