Rubber Half Persian 3-in-1 Bracelets

Create A Seamless Rainbow

Using the same rings as in the previous post on Rubber Barrel weave, you can make Half Persian 3-in-1. See below for sizing and color placement tips.

If you’d like to tackle this project, check out the rubber rainbow kits and the Half Persian 3-in-1 tutorial in the B3 Etsy shop. Each rainbow pack is enough for 2-3 bracelets, depending upon size and weave.


Half Persian 3-1 Measurements

In the images and chart below, 1 unit of HP3-1 consists of 1 metal ring + 1 rubber ring of the same color.

Ring size is L16 – 16 SWG (1.6 mm) 1/4″ (6.4 mm) AR approx 4.2

For a small bracelet, you’ll need 32 units. One option is to use 8 colors and repeat each color 4 times:

For a large size bracelet, you’ll need 42 units. One option is to use 7 colors, and repeat each color 6 times.

Color Placement Tip

There are 2 main ways to position the color: each unit can contain the same color, or you can stagger the color so that a single unit contains 2 adjacent colors. This is a very minor adjustment and not noticeable to most people. I know some crafters are very particular about placement (y’all are my peeps!) so in case that’s you, I hope you find this info helpful!

If you’d like each unit to contain the same color:

As you weave step 3 of the tutorial, the open ring matches the final rubber ring on your piece, and the “closed” rubber ring is the next color. Repeat that orientation throughout. (The “size small” bracelet in the PDF chart uses this color placement.)


Or, if you’d like each unit to contain staggered colors:

As you weave and repeat step 3 of the tutorial, the open and closed ring are the same color. (The “size large” bracelet in the PDF chart uses a staggered color placement.)

HP3-1-adding-ring-samecolorunit HP3-1-adding-ring-staggeredHP3-1-staggered-colors


Below is a complete chart for bracelets from a very small size (5.25″) all the way up to a very large size (9.25″).

Remember that rubber stretches. If you’re trying to fit a 7.5″ wrist, you can opt for 36 units for a snug fit, or 40—or more!—units for a loose fit.

Refer to the Rainbow Barrel blog post for a Sizing Tip that also applies to Half Persian 3-1.

The Rubber Rainbow kits in the B3 Etsy shop have 8 colors of coordinating rubber and anodized aluminum jump rings, allowing you to create any of the rainbow patterns outlined in the chart above.

Be sure to check out the other posts in this series, all of which use the same ring size:
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Drop any questions for me in the comments section. Happy weaving!





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