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He’s Made A Living Making & Selling Chainmaille for More Than Forty Years

Share this:Meet Chainmaille Artisan Lord Randolph of ChainMaille Fashions Scrolling through the ChainMaille Fashions page on Facebook, and the ChainMaille Fashions website, it is amazing to see the sheer amount and variety of pieces Lord Randolph and his team have created over the years. You’ll find an incredible archive of hundreds upon hundreds–thousands, really–of photos… Read more »

“Ask an Artist” series: What’s it like to teach chainmaille to younger weavers?

Share this:We love hearing about people getting excited about chainmaille and crafting, and so when we learned B3 fan Deborah Sacks started a chainmaille club at her school, we had to know more!   Tell us about yourself! I’m from Boston originally; I moved out to Chicago in September of 2006 right after graduating college…. Read more »