Category: Chainmaille Tips & Tricks

Project Ideas for our New Toggles

Share this:We recently added a bunch of new toggles (mostly sterling silver) to our findings page.  Knowing that sometimes it can be difficult to know what toggle will compliment your project, we have compiled some suggestions for each of these new beautiful finishing touches below. We hope you find these tips useful and encourage you… Read more »

Care & Cleaning: Chainmaille Jewelry with beads, crystals, and glass rings

Share this:Some of our most popular jewelry kits (and favorite modern chainmaille projects!) use components such as seed beads, crystals, and glass rings.  The question has come up from a several of our customers, “How do I clean pieces that use delicate components?”  We think this is an excellent question – one everyone might benefit… Read more »

Ideas for Storing Your Jump Rings

Share this:Any chainmailler can tell you that finding a great storage solution for all your jump rings is a necessity, but keeping all those sizes, colors, and metals organized is no easy feat (not to mention avoiding that dreaded sound of rings hitting the floor or the discovery of the backpack or purse jump ring… Read more »