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Rebeca gets asked a lot of questions about chainmaille. A LOT. And for good reason. She’s a pro! These questions come in through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and via email (community@bluebuddhaboutique.com). Do you have a burning question about weaving? Inspiration and design? Tricky weaves? Using tools or different kinds of rings? Her favorite food? Rebeca is ready to field your questions about chainmaille, crafting, running a business and even her hair color…submit yours today!

Without further ado, here is the first episode of Ask Rebeca. What are the best pliers for making chainmaille?

Now, this video is not necessarily a formal Ask Rebeca episode, but we hear this question often. People tend to fiddle and get frustrated with the toggle clasps we love so much, so Rebeca shot this quick how-to video showing an easy way to fasten and unfasten a toggle clasp. Easy peasy!

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SubmissiJensPind-700pxons are now being accepted for the November Featured Weave Contest! Send in a photo of your projects using Jens Pind Linkage, a repeating pattern of spiraling rings. It’s a tricky weave to learn, but once you master it, you’ve got yourself one very versatile weave.

Want to see which B3 sizes work well for this weave? Visit our base metal stats & uses page and our sterling silver stats & uses page.




Make a project which primarily uses the featured weave or a variation of the featured weave. The project can use any and all B3 supplies and can use other weaves, but the featured weave should be the star. Please see the complete rules and details below for more information about qualifications.

Take a picture of your project and submit it using our official Featured Weave Contest submission form. You may post the piece online somewhere and provide us with a link, or upload it directly in the form. You will be asked to provide your name and an email address we can use to contact you in case anything goes wrong with your submission—or if you are the winner of the contest!


Submissions will be closed at midnight Nov. 15 and are limited to 2 entry pieces per person.


We will award the top voted finalist each month with a $25 B3 Gift Certificate and will feature YOUR project in a special blog post and possibly even future B3 ads to inspire fellow chainmaillers all over the world.

Complete contest rules and details: Submissions are limited to 2 per person and must use the featured weave of the month as determined by Blue Buddha Boutique. The project is not required to be made from Blue Buddha Boutique rings, however any winning projects that use primarily rings from another supplier or rings made by the artist will not be eligible for posting on our blog or use in our ads to prevent false advertising. Pieces do not have to be specially created for the contest but should be no more than 12 months old. Current employees and interns of Blue Buddha Boutique are not eligible for this contest. Finalists are chosen by Blue Buddha Boutique and voted upon anonymously by the public to determine a winner. Submissions may be disqualified at the discretion of Blue Buddha Boutique if they are deemed inappropriate in any way. If a winner does not claim their prize within 15 days of notification, the second place winner will be awarded the prize. Please note: As of March 2013, participants are not eligible to win two or more months in a row.

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Voting for July’s Featured Weave Contest must have been a tough decision, because it’s a tie! A tie between rainbows, that is. The winners chosen by you are:

Lindsay L. with Seeing Rainbows and Wing N. with Rainbow Half Persian 4-in-1!


Congratulations to you both! You’ve each won a $25 B3 gift certificate. To claim your prize, email us at community@bluebuddhaboutique.com.

FEATURED WEAVE FOR AUGUST – European 4-in-1, aka Mesh

EURO41_MESH_AUG13WEAVEFor August, we’re featuring
European 4-in1 / Mesh. Originally used in medieval armor, European 4-in-1 can be used to create a wide variety of modern pieces. Tackle this project using Mesh & Rosettes. Get those pliers working; we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Want to see which B3 sizes work well for this weave? Visit our base metal stats & uses page and our sterling silver stats & uses page.



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Below you can vote for the kit we will release in August.

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Variant3-HodoAA (1)Vote now to customize our Hodo kit! Rebeca created this intermediate-level project after seeing a sidewalk pattern of squares and octagons. Likewise, the Hodo weave combines Japanese 4-in-1 with 8-in-1 techniques. The result is an intricate pattern of alternating small and large rings. Hodo is Japanese for sidewalk or path, hence the name of this pattern (not to be confused with the Hoodoo weave).



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This month’s “Maillers’ Choice” sale is 3 times the fun with 3 kits available!


This includes the brand new “Tapered Möbius Necklace” (above, left) which won’t be available for regular purchase until later in June!  Also available are two additional kits you helped customized for the Bead&Button Show – “Illuminated Tunnel” (above, middle) and “Basic Byzantine Necklace”(above, right).

Scoop up your favorite or buy all three but don’t delay!

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