May I sell pieces I make from B3 instructions?

UPDATE 2018: A few questions have come in about this since we closed our storefront, and to clarify, yes, you can still sell pieces made from B3 instructions.

You can absolutely sell pieces that you make using our instructions. We wouldn't offer kits and instructions if we didn't expect folks to sell and teach those designs. We hope they sell well for you! We don't see it as competition. Our philosophy is: when more folks make chainmaille, more people buy chainmaille, causing more people to discover chainmaille in the first place. And the more people that discover maille, the better, as far as we're concerned!

At the time of its release, CHAINED was the only jewelry-making book we knew of that explicitly allowed readers to make and sell pieces from the book. Since then, other chainmaille jewelry books have also allowed this. Not ALL books allow this, so read the front material carefully to determine if you are allowed to create pieces for commercial purposes.

While crediting the designer is always appreciated, it is not necessary. Feel free to sell items—online or at craft fairs—you make from B3 instructions without acknowledging the designer.  We will, however, be grumpy if you try to pass off certain Blue Buddha designs as your own creations!  So play nice, respect your fellow jewelry-makers, only claim designs that are rightfully yours, and we'll all get along just fine. :-)