Can I teach B3 designs to others?

For any of the weaves we teach or have kits for, you can in turn feel free to sell (or teach) any of those designs. It's not cool to go around telling people that these are your original designs, but if you're not doing that, then you have our blessing. Of course, we would appreciate credit for any weaves we've come up with.

We wouldn't offer kits and instructions if we didn't expect folks to sell and teach those designs. Likewise, there are a few designs, such as the Quantum Rose that we will never teach or sell instructions for—you know, there's just some secrets an artist would like to keep! But other than those few designs, you can certainly feel free to reproduce as many of our kit pieces as you'd like. 

If you teach our designs, feel free to use your own instructions with no permission needed from B3.  In order to use our instructions in your classes, you must become an authorized distributor.  The distributor program is a cost-effective and easy way for bead stores and jewelry instructors to create a chainmaille curriculum. For a one time fee per project, you'll be allowed to reprint our instructions for retail sale and use in classes, and you can also purchase kits at wholesale prices. Please contact [email protected] for full details.

You cannot use the book CHAINED to teach during a private lesson or class, unless all students have purchased a copy of the book.