How do I submit chainmaille projects to magazines?

If you've come up with a unique jewelry design, please consider writing a tutorial and submitting it to a how-to magazine. You could receive financial compensation and international recognition!  Additionally, the magazines listed below have gallery sections if you simply wish to show off your most fabulous pieces.

To submit projects or finished pieces to chainmaille magazines, visit the magazine's website directly and follow the directions outlined in their Writer's or Sumissions Guidelines (if they have one), generally available as a downloadable PDF.  Also check out our "Ask an Artist" interview with Sara Richardson for more tips about getting published.

Step by Step Wire Jewelry


Art Jewelry Magazine

Step by Step Wire

B3's founder Rebeca is a contributing editor for Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine, and she would love to hear what you have to say about their chainmaille projects and share your suggestions with the editors. Please email any feedback about the magazine to [email protected]

Additionally, if you're thinking about submitting a project for consideration to Step by Step Wire, feel free to email Rebeca directly.  If she falls in love with your project, it could be added to the magazine's lineup!