Advanced Level

Persian Variations

Get ring sizes, ring counts tips and tricks for creating 6 weave variations using your knowledge of Full Persian, Half Persian 3-in-1 and Half Persian 4-in-1.  Create ripples, tapers and sheets using these versatile weaves.  Great for creating necklaces, bold bracelets and even chainmaille clothing pieces.

Please note, these projects are not stepped out (hence the advanced level of this tutorial).  This is an excellent next step for weavers familiar with Full Persian and Half Persian and looking for a new challenge and twist on the weave!

Persian Variations Projects 

Click the image to the left to view samples of the variations included in this tutorial!




Chainmaille Building BlockBuilding Block Prerequisite:
Proficiency in at least 5 chainmaille weaves, including Full Persian 6-in-1Half Persian 3-in-1 and Half Persian 4-in-1. You must fully understand how to make those weaves before attempting any variations.

Instructions - Either Hand

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