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Happy 3rd Anniversary, CHAINED!

Share this:The traditional third anniversary gift is leather, which goes quite nicely with chainmaille, don’t you think? We can’t believe that Rebeca has been creating and enabling chainmaille addicts through her book CHAINED for three years already! Since 2010, more than 30k copies of the book have been sold worldwide. Writing a book is tough… Read more »

B3 Can Really Move!

Share this:It’s been one week since we tackled our big move and while our buildout isn’t quite where we hoped it would be, we’re still pretty darn excited to be in our new space.  The move went amazingly smoothly (we were done in less than 4 hours!)  Especially impressive because, in lieu of hiring professionals,… Read more »

Best Wishes for 2013!

Share this:As I reflect back on 2012, I am once again touched, humbled and amazed at all of Blue Buddha’s wonderful customers as well as our highly dedicated team.  For the past 12 months, we asked time and time again for you to support us, either by voting in various contests, or through our Jumpstart… Read more »