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Most Memorable B3 Moments of 2012

Share this:Holy cow!  2012 is almost over and it was quite a year for us.  We experienced tremendous growth and change (we say that a lot, but this year felt significant.) Our team grew, our space grew (finally!!) and our vision for our future grew as well.  Not everything memorable we experienced was big though. … Read more »

One great reason to contribute to our Jumpstart campaign…OUR TEAM!

Share this:We’ve been sharing updates recently about the progress on our new space and the impact our Jumpstart supporters have had thusfar on making it a safe and usable working environment.  Plumbing, electrical work and walls are all important, but we think the most compelling reason to support this project is our hard-working team. No… Read more »

Attention future chainmaille students: Vote for your preferred class times & classroom furniture!

Share this:We’re moving into our new Edgewater location soon which means we will finally have space to start chainmaille classes, open studios and other crafty events back up – hooray!  We’re currently focusing on scheduling classes as well as furnishing our classrooms and we’d like your feedback to help us with both. If you foresee… Read more »