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Rebeca Mojica as SlashWe find color inspiration for our chainmaille jewelry projects everywhere – nature, fashion forecasts, our favorite paintings, and even music.  A diverse group with diverse tastes, we knew that challenging the B3 team to create color palettes based on their favorite bands and muscians would generate some pretty rockin’ inspiration.  In honor of our upcoming Featured Product Contest for January, every palette is created using enameled copper jump ring colors.  Enjoy and rock on!

(Photo: Rebeca as Guns N’ Roses rocker Slash for Halloween 2007 and yes, that’s her natural hair!)

Rebeca Mojica B3 Owner & Founder
Favorite Musician/Band: Aerosmith
Music Genre: Rock
Colors: Black, Non-tarnish gold & Red

Why these colors?
Black is the obvious choice for this band, since they wear a lot of black and many of their album covers have a lot of black. The other colors are used because they appear often on album colors … and on the flames of Steven’s Mama Kin tattoo, which of course, I also have as a tattoo. :-)

Nadja Aller B3 General Operations Manager
Favorite Musician/Band: Hank Williams Sr.
Music Genre: Country
Colors: Gunmetal, Amber & Burgundy

Why these colors?
Boot leather, Whiskey and Sorrow.   <——–  in like order.


Jenna Deidel B3 Social Branding Coordinator & Marketing Assistant
Favorite Musician/Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Music Genre: Rock
Colors: Bright Blue, Orange & Amber

Why these colors?
These are the colors used in my favorite album cover (for my favorite album of theirs) “Californication”. I played this CD until it died when it first came out.

Emily Fiks B3 Quality Controller, Order Processor
Favorite Musician/Band: The Ramones
Music Genre: Rock n’ roll/Punk
Colors: Bright Blue, Black & Non-tarnish silver

Why these colors?
Black and Non-Tarnish Silver to represent their emblem/ shield logo, and also had to throw in bright blue to represent their blue jeans. Black can represent their leather jackets too.

Jen Hohe B3 Inventory Coordinator & Weaver
Favorite Musician/Band: I have never been able to choose because I like so many different types of music. So, I am going to go with a genre that I really like – the 80’s.  I’m really nostalgic so this music reminds me of being a kid.
Music Genre: 80’s rock
Colors: Fuchsia, Orange & Lime

Why these colors?
It is always bold, neon or fluorescent colors that come to mind when I think of this decade.

Artie Keefe B3 Quality Controller, Order Processor
Favorite Musician/Band: Against Me!
Music Genre: Punk/Rock
Colors: Black, Red & Yellow

Against Me! - New Wave
Why these colors?
They stuck to a limited set of colors for a long time – when you’re copying inserts and silk screening record covers by hand, one or two colors are a lot more affordable. Their older records are simple and gritty, but sometimes you don’t need more than a few chords or colors to make something feel timeless.

Aimee Leang B3 Customer Service Specialist
Favorite Musician/Band: Queens Of The Stone Age
Music Genre: Rock
Colors: Fuchsia, Lime & Yellow

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
Why these colors?
These were the colors used on their last album cover Era Vulgaris.

Lisa Rosenberg B3 Order Processor
Favorite Musician/Band: Björk
Music Genre: Many including pop, alternative rock, electronic, classical folk and more
Colors: Sea foam, Peacock Blue, Lavender, and Pink. (I know you said 3 colors but I neeeeed 4 or I will die.)

Why these colors?
The reson behind my color choices are based on the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) that are a big part of her life being from Iceland and all. I also based these colors on the “Vespertine” album, my personal favorite and features the song “Aurora.” Listen to the song and you can see the colors swirl around you. *sigh*

Kat Wisniewski B3 Product Developer, Order Processor
Favorite Musician/Band: The White Stripes
Music Genre: Heavy Blues Rock
Colors: Red, Black & Non-Tarnish Silver

Why these colors?
That is their colors that appear on every album cover, every concert, every appearance.  The band retired last year and is no longer  together :(

We also posed the question to our fans on Facebook and they had some great responses (pasted below.)  Have a palette idea inspired by your favorite musician?  Post it in the comments below!

Frann R.Red, White and black for the guitar that I first saw Eddie Van Halen play back in 1984 on the Diver Down tour.

Darlene O.Black and Non-tarnish silver for VNV Nation – though really they are more of an iridescent gunmetal.

Lisa S.I have no one top fav, but Madonna would be a light blue, gold and sliver. Flogging Molly would be black, gold and green. Black Keys would be a fire mix. I could go on but…

Diane B. I love the Fleetwood Mac song, Blue Letter (with silver words): so dark blue and silver!

Jaime M.Blue, sliver and black for some blue suede shoes; pink, black, and red for those bricks in the wall; green, silver and gold with some sparkly crystals for Sir Elton himself, lol. I’m sure I can keep going!

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Tara Murphy
7 years 3 months ago

Supertramps Breakfast in America. Orange, blue and silver. The album cover makes me want to go to a diner!

7 years 8 months ago

Pink Floyd – Any Colour You Like :)

7 years 8 months ago

ELVIS – the undisputed KING of ROCK! Pink and Black because he loved to wear them together. Blue because it was his favorite color and the color of his eyes.

7 years 8 months ago

I am in awe of your creative spirit B3! This was a rockin’ blog post…
loved the insight into everyone’z musical tastes; many kindred spirits