Chainmaille Project Inspiration: Using crystals in your maille

Our Featured Product coming up for April is Swarovski® Faceted Round Crystal Beads in 6mm or 8mm, available on our findings page.  Integrating crystal beads into chainmaille is a trend that has been developing over the last several years; we love the combination of shiny rings and bling-y beads.

There are a variety of ways to include crystal beads in your work.  For this post, we pulled together lots of inspirational images of projects created by a wide variety of chainmaille artists (more information for each can be found by clicking the image and many can be found on our magazine projects page.)  You’ll notice that more often than not, the beads are added using looped wire.  We recommend using Wubbers Round Nose Pliers to aid in this task. :)

We hope these projects will inspire you to experiment with adding crystals into your own work – who knows, it could just earn you a $25 Blue Buddha gift certificate!  (Stay tuned to our blog for details.)  For even more inspiration, check out our past blog post matching the crystals to our niobium colors.  You may also find our post about caring for jewelry with fragile components helpful.

Beaded Zig Zag Byzantine - chainmaille

"Beaded Zig Zag Byzantine" by Rebeca Mojica

Timeless Teardrops - chainmaille

"Timeless Teardrops" by Karen Karon

Niobium Crystals - chainmaille

"Niobium Crystals" by Rebeca Mojica

Captive Pearls - chainmaille

"Captive Pearls" by Lauren Anderson

Lancelot Necklace - chainmaille

"Lancelot Necklace" variation by Rebeca Mojica

Rings of Saturn - chainmaille

"Rings of Saturn" by Lauren Anderson

Chain of Command - chainmaille

"Chain of Command" by Arja Aalto-Viittala

Floating Bead Pendant - chainmaille

"Floating Bead Pendant" by Rebeca Mojica

Floating Bead Necklace - chainmaille

"Floating Bead Necklace" variation by Rebeca Mojica

Beaded Romanov - chainmaille

"Beaded Romanov" by Scott David Plumlee

Byzantine Crosses - chainmaille

"Byzantine Crosses with Turquoise" by Lori Weidhuner

Crystal Quad Cuff - chainmaille

"Crystal Quad Cuff" by Lauren Anderson

Summer Breezes - chainmaille

"Cool Summer Breezes" by Lauren Anderson

Spine of the Centipede - chaimaille

"Spine of the Centipede" by Lauren Andersen

2 by 2 chainmaille bracelet

"2 by 2 Chainmaille Bracelet" by Gladys Botz

Crystal Constellations - chainmaille

"Crystal Constellations" by Miachelle DePiano

Stay tuned to our blog to find out how you can participate in our “Featured Product of the Month Contest” and create some inspiration of your own!

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