Weaving Wednesdays & Ask Rebeca: Flex Those Creative Muscles!

As we hit “publish” on this post, many of the B3 team will be heading into our classroom to participate in our weekly event, Weaving Wednesdays. (Yes, we know how lucky we are to work here!)

Weaving Wednesdays is part professional development, part team building exercise, part creative stimulation and part fun. We teach and learn from one another, and get the opportunity to play with the bevy of jump rings we have at our disposal. It’s time like this that we get to tinker with weaves – and sometimes even come up with new ones. Which leads to a question Rebeca gets asked A LOT.

“How do you come up with new weaves?”

So here is a challenge for YOU! Host your own version of Weaving Wednesday (doesn’t have to be today, but try for this week). Find some time to sit down and experiment with Helm Chain. Add to it, twist it, deconstruct it – whatever. See what happens! Then, head to our Facebook page or comment here and post a photo of what you came up with – and we want to see the great results, and even the not-so-great ones.

Flex those creative muscles and see what happens. (And hey, if it’s great, consider submitting it for our B3 Guest Designer program!)

Happy weaving! 

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