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screen shot of eye yoga exercises video

Protect Your Peepers! Eye Exercises to Relieve Eye Strain and Fatigue

Share this:Save Your Eyes From Computer Vision Syndrome (And From Too Much Crafting)! Recently I’ve seen several articles about Computer Vision Syndrome: eye and vision problems resulting from long time periods spent staring at a computer, mobile phone, tablet, e-reader and other digital screens. Though in my case–and possibly yours–the C may as well stand… Read more »

How to Make Shaggy Loops Chainmaille (Video Tutorials for Jewelry Making)

Share this:Hi B3 fans!  We’ve started making videos to compliment our tutorials in order to better offer you more ways to strengthen your chainmaille skills. We’re beginning with the projects that have free PDF tutorials. Shaggy Loops is a great introductory weave that has many variations, from simple ring size substitutions to advanced designs that… Read more »