Physical Wellness for Crafters: Video Demonstrations

Crafting has a number of benefits: it reduces stress, helps keep your mind sharp, and of course, delivers the sweet satisfaction of making beautiful things. Having a creative outlet can help balance our busy lives. But crafting, when done for long stretches of time or in poor posture, can leave you feeling not-so-great.

Rebeca (B3 owner and creative guru) is no stranger to long hours weaving tiny metal rings together. (Need proof? Check out her amazing award-winning chainmaille mandala.) She’s done a series of videos demonstrating how she keeps her body from feeling the effects of long hours mailling.

Hand Exercises for Crafters
Here are some simple techniques for strengthening your hands and fingers, which are great for crafters who experience fatigue. Rebeca demonstrates some tools she uses, as well as information about hand exercises.

Stretches for Crafters
If you experience neck and shoulder pain after long sessions of crafting whether that be making chainmaille jewelry or other detailed crafts like knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, beading or quilting, this video is for you. Here, Rebeca shares two simple stretches that she frequently uses to relieve pain associated with “crafter’s hunch.”

Eye Yoga
Yes, eye yoga. It sounds silly, but these are actually some simple techniques for strengthening and relaxing your eye muscles. These tips are great for crafters who experience eye strain or worsening vision.

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