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Artisan Market Monday: Madame Platypus

Share this:  Chicago native Rachel Katzman is the owner and designer of “MadamePlatypus: Art, Jewelry and Crochet to Inspire and Amuse.”  Her work has been defined as cheeky, feminist, spiritual and silly.  She creates each resin pendant individually combining vintage/pin-up images with ironic, sassy phrasing. Her pen and ink illustrations feature women, nature, energy and… Read more »

Artisan Market Monday: Isette Jewelry

Share this:Jennifer describes her jewelry line Isette as “jewelry inspired by the past, made with modern technology!” and it’s so true.  These beautiful designs are reminiscent of Victorian and Art Nouveau patterns and curves, but these pieces are created using a a very cutting-edge laser cutter!  (Pun intended.)  Even better, Jennifer explores the possibilities for… Read more »

“Ask an Artist” series: What’s it like to teach chainmaille to younger weavers?

Share this:We love hearing about people getting excited about chainmaille and crafting, and so when we learned B3 fan Deborah Sacks started a chainmaille club at her school, we had to know more!   Tell us about yourself! I’m from Boston originally; I moved out to Chicago in September of 2006 right after graduating college…. Read more »

Artisan Market Monday: Mad Love shop clothing

Share this:   Spring is here and with it comes lots of new handmade goodies in at the B3 Artisan Market!  One of our newest favorites is MadLove shop, a line of artist-designed screenprinted clothing made by Angel D’Amico – Bauer.  Each piece is hand screen printed with her original artwork, making each piece truly… Read more »