I'm having trouble with a particular weave. Can you help me?

We strive to create crystal clear instructions, but because everyone learns in a different way, we know that sometimes folks will have questions.  While we are happy to answer quick questions, we are unable to provide detailed one-on-one guidance as part of the price of our tutorials.  Consider asking for help on our page on Facebook, as there are hundreds of other maillers who might be eager for the chance to use their knowledge to give you a hand.

Should you have lots of questions about different projects, or if you'd like one of our experts to help you learn a weave, set up a Private Lesson with us.  If you live out-of-state (or are unable to come in during our limited hours), we also offer private lessons via Skype at the same rates as our in-person private lessons.  Please contact [email protected] to set up your session.

If you're struggling with a project from a magazine or book, please contact the author directly for assistance.