Can I find chainmaille projects online?

Hourglass DodecIn addition to our massive library of downloadable chainmaille jewelry patterns, Blue Buddha has free chainmaille instructions for several projects, including Wiggle (Mobius), Shaggy Loops and Double Spiral.

In addition, many of our customers use free projects on other websites.  However, this may not be the best route for beginners, as online instructions tend to be a bit less reliable than other sources.  If you are interested in looking for projects online, we recommend checking out Maille Artisans (M.A.I.L.)*, and YouTube.  We also post intern samples with ring sizes for some online projects (like the Hourglass Dodecahedron sample at left) in our Intern Samples album on our page on Facebook.   

* Note: you can set your preferences on Maille Artisans to display ideal ring sizes using Blue Buddha naming conventions.  Visit our blog for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.