10 FREE Simple DIY Jewelry Patterns To Get You Started Making Chainmaille

Using only small metal jump rings and pliers, you can create beautiful jewelry.

It’s no secret we geek out on “whoa-how-did-you-make-that” super-intricate chainmaille projects here at Blue Buddha, but sometimes you just want to have a little fun and create something quickly you can wear out that night.

Here are 10 project ideas that are quick (they take less than 2 hours to create, and some can be completed in mere minutes) simple (perfect for beginners), and best of all, the instructions are absolutely FREE.  Blue Buddha instructions guide you through the pattern so you succeed each and every time. Most of these projects have all-in-one-kits so you have everything you need to complete the project at your fingertips. “Weave” made it easy for you to exclaim, “#MailledIt!” 😉

If you’ve never made maille before, you’ll need two pairs of pliers in addition to your chainmaille supplies. Check out our free PDF “Getting Started with chainmaille” guide and our video “What Kinds of Pliers are Best for making Chainmaille?”

10 of our favorite FREE chainmaille projects

Bisected Byzantine

Bisected Byzantine rubbermaille bracelet in purple, blue and green

Bisected Byzantine is a perfect introduction to chainmaille and working with rubber rings. Try creating this project in your favorite sports team’s colors or holiday colors!

black rubber and gold color rubbermaille finger ring on hand

This rubbermaille finger ring is a great project for folks who like large rings. The band uses silicone rubber rings so it is easy to fit and easily slides on and off … and its flexibility makes it super comfortable to wear.


Coiled Rubber Scallop Necklace + earrings

turquoise rubbermaille and aluminum simple coiled necklace on black neckform

This necklace comes together quickly because all the rubber-o-rings are permanently closed, so you don’t have to pre-close them yourself. Make several different necklaces to match different outfits!


Illusion Loops Earrings

silver hoop floating earrings with different size circles

Learn this simple and eye-catching jewelry pattern that features several sizes of jump rings delicately balanced to hang inside each other. This is a fast and great DIY chainmaille project for beginners to learn basic techniques.


Lucky 7 Möbius Ring

bronze and stainless steel chainmaille ring

Link seven jump rings together in a vortex—nd then add a simple band of smaller jump rings—to create an elegant and comfortable finger ring.


Möbius Ball Necklace

simple aluminum chainmaille necklace for beginners on black neckform

Create a stunning, lightweight necklace in just a few steps! This project combines large jump rings with smaller rings and pre-made chain to create a sleek and fashionable necklace.

Orbital Earrings

chain mail orbital weave earrings in water color and fire color

These earrings are our most popular project when we set up our Make ‘n’ Take booth at local events. Why? They are eye-catching, colorful and best of all, even beginners can make these earrings in less than 20 minutes.

Shaggy Loops

shaggy loops bracelet in turquoise green and brown and purple shaggy loops chain mail

Shaggy Loops is a great weave if you’re new to chainmaille. Fun and flexible, this weave works in almost any ring size. Once you’ve learned this weave, you can use it to create necklaces, earrings and bracelets. BONUS: Free video tutorial available for Shaggy Loops.

Spike Earrings

easy scalemaille earrings with alumium and purple scales

In just 3 simple steps, create lightweight, sculptural earrings unlike anything you’ll find in a store. This is a great project for people brand new to chainmaille and/or new to working with metal scales.

Wobble Necklace

wobble weave in copper and purple jump rings on black neck form

This impressive-looking beginning level chainmaille project helps crafters learn how to link jump rings together to create a gorgeous metal necklace. The result is colorful, easy to wear and highly soothing to make once you get into the groove.

Once you make your first project, be sure to post it to the Blue Buddha Boutique page on Facebook or upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #mailledit!

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