Doing our part to help the Earth

Happy Earth Day from all of us at B3!

Protecting our most valuable resource—the planet—has always been important to me. Ten years ago, before it was “popular,” I was using my backpack to carry groceries from the store, and most people thought I was nuts. I’m excited to see that nowadays, its not uncommon for people to use their own bags at a store. Yes!

I bring my green mentality to B3, and from the onset, the company has been very focused on green practices.

As part of our commitment to the environment, these are some of the things we do:

  • Turn lights off when we’re not in a room
  • Turn off jewelry scales when we’re not using them
  • Turn off and unplug computers/printers/fax when we’re finished for the day
  • Use actual dishware instead of disposable cups/plates/etc—including when we have meetings, holiday parties and other large gatherings of people.
  • Use biodegradable sheet protectors for instructions
  • Use actual hand towels instead of paper towels in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Use compact fluorescent lightbulbs at workstations.
  • Recyle ink cartridges
  • Properly dispose of old electronics
  • Recycle paper, plastic and metal
  • Reuse packing paper sent to us by vendors
  • Reuse little plastic baggies
  • Use environmentally friendly bathroom cleaners
  • Purchase tissue from recycled paper content.
  • Instead of purchasing highly processed foods, buy fresh fruits, veggies and nuts for office snacks (purchasing from local farmer’s markets when in season).
  • Use both sides of paper for printing drafts and inner-office documents
  • Wear socks or house shoes in the warehouse to minimize cleaning
  • Reuse plastic trash liners at workstation garbage cans as long as possible
  • Make sure all computer monitors are set to go blank after 10 minutes of screensaver activity, instead of letting the screensaver run for hours
  • Buy cleaning products in bulk and fill into smaller containers.
  • Keep most of the employee manual in Wiki form to save on excessive paper printing.
  • Use whiteboards and email for written communication, rather than writing notes
  • Use printing paper with a high recycled content
  • These are things we don’t yet do, but are planning on implementing:

  • Create a compost
  • Recyle aluminum scraps (we’ve been gathering the scraps; we just don’t have enough yet to take to a facility!)
  • Start a customer recycling baggie program
  • Purchase carbon credits
  • Use refillable dry-erase markers
  • Purchase “carbon offset credits” for employee mileage going to and from PO, etc.
  • What about you? Does your company do something green that B3 might be able to implement? Has this list inspired you to be greener at home or at work? Do you have any ideas on a customer recycling baggie program? Let us know. Together we can work toward ensuring that our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children will be born into a sustainable and healthy environment.  :-)

    Cool gift from a customer

    Some of you may know that I recently took some time to visit my mom. She lives in Puerto Rico, and of course I am more than happy to travel to a tropical paradise once or twice a year to see her :-)

    Taino motifWhile I was there, I met up with a few customers. So nice to put faces to names! One customer, Benjamin, presented me with the pendant shown at right.  He made it with Bronze Metal Clay (BRONZclay) and has decorated it with a Taíno motif.  The Taínos are the peoples indigenous to Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.   I’m wearing it today with pride.  And, of course, one of these days I’ll make a bronze chain to match!

    It’s been on my to-do list for years and years, to create chainmaille inlays with Taíno art. Since I’ve never managed to get around to it, I was thrilled to receive this pendant. Thanks, Benjamin!

    See more of Benjamin’s creations on his website:

    Read more about Taínos on Wikipedia.

    Iridescent Gunmetal jump rings

    Our first new Anodized Aluminum color has arrived in size P16. Originally we were going to call this color Purple Iris (there’s a glass ring color called Purple Iris, and our test batch of AA looked a lot like it). However now that we have 20 lbs sitting in front of us, we think it looks more gunmetal-y. It’s really a fun color; depending on how the light catches the rings, there are hues of violet, blue, green and grey.

    You can buy these rings on our Anodized Aluminum page. Let us know what you think of them!

    Join me at CraftyCon 2010!

    I’m excited to announce that I’ll be a panelist for the Time Management session of CraftyCon 2010 this October.  The conference was created for crafters, by crafters.  The organizers were looking  to provide an opportunity for craft professionals (current and aspiring) to network with each other, get superb business training, and have an opportunity to get their craft on! The three day conference is filled with incredible speakers, hands-on craft workshops, and a little shoulder rubbing with some of the craft industries best business gurus.

    I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned in terms of time management and home-office organization—this should be especially useful if you’re looking to eventually grow your business beyond your home.  How do you get there?  When do you know it’s time to delegate?  (And how do you delegate?)  What do you do about all those little tasks that keep getting bumped to the back burner, because you’d rather work on something more exciting?  I’ll try to answer those questions and more, and share some tips that should help you become more productive and profitable.  And of course, there are dozens of other sessions designed to inspire, educate and promote industry connections.

    Register now to take advantage
    of Early Bird pricing!