Bead&Button show update – rest of Wednesday

Um, is it Thursday already? The rest of Wednesday is sort of a blur. The B3 crew arrived a few hours late, due to some delays in loading the truck in Chicago. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work assembling grids and putting the “shell” of our booth together.

We didn’t get very far before Kat & I had to go get ready for Meet the Teachers. This was one of my favorite years ever for MTT. So many familiar faces, so many folks wearing B3 designs, and so many new people eager to explore the world of maille. We even nearly sold out of some instructions already! The only thing that would have made it more awesome, would have been if time had slowed down just a bit so I could have enjoyed it more!

Since we left in such a hurry for Meet the Teachers, our booth looks like a cyclone. We’re about to head back in there, straighten everything up, put a ton of products on pegs, run out to get more instructions printed,…and then … we await the stampede. 😀 Wish us luck!

Bead&Button show update! Mon – Wed morning

I’ve been here at the show for a few days. Monday night, I taught Celtic Visions bracelet. Everyone left with a finished bracelet! Lots of satisfied smiles all around.

Additionally, one of the students was from Germany, which I knew before class since we’d corresponded by email. What I did not know, is that she is one of the editors of Perlen Poesie, Germany’s first beading magazine. Some of you may know that I love Germany, and in fact, it was while I was living in Germany that I first began itching to do chainmaille! The magazine posted some photos of the Celtic Visions class on their website.

Yesterday, Tuesday was a relatively quiet day. The weather was cold and miserable in Milwaukee, and I had a headache for most of the day, but luckily was feeling my usual cheerful self by the time my 7 pm class came around. I designed this class specifically for Bead&Button and titled it 3 Earrings in 3 Hours, but in my head, it’s always been known as the Instant Gratification Class! There was only 1 student signed up for this class, so we had a nice, intimate private lesson. Very cool! She made some earrings for herself and 1 as a gift for her sister. She’d never made maille before, so I was glad to be the one corrupting, er *cough*, educating her.

This morning, I am madly finishing up a sample bracelet for our kit board while I wait for the rest of the B3 crew to arrive so we can set up the booth, and later, set up for Meet the Teachers.

Chainmaille Jacket by Vanessa WalilkoI snuck over to the Bead Dream exhibit and saw that Vanessa’s Jacket had a nice 2nd place ribbon next to it! Woo! Way to go, V! I’ll of course take more photos when I have an actual camera, and when the chain barriers are gone, so I don’t have to lean over and stretch my arm out to get the shot. :-)

Whew. The calm before the storm…..

Congratulations, Alicia!

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Thanks to all who particiapted—we’re thrilled about your enthusiastic response to The Everything Cast Iron book. (We know our mouths have been watering since we got our hands on the book! Rebeca’s got plans for one of those jumbo cookies this weekend. Mmmmmm….) We encourage you to purchase the book via an independent bookstore on or through Thanks again, all, and have a fabulous weekend!

Lastest (and last!) Newsletter Published

In the midst of our Bead&Button show, we posted the latest Newsletter to the website. You’ll notice that the newsletter format will be changing after this issue. We’ve had the same format for about 4 years, and, well, we’re itching to deliver information, coupons and updates to you in different ways. We’re pretty sure that you’ll like these changes, but we always like to check in with you as we make changes, so feel free to leave a comment here to let us know what you think.

This edition contains project ideas for size T14 (14ga 3/8″) — mongo-size maille! We’ve also included a quick finger ring project, color palette ideas and a listing of some upcoming classes and products.